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Saving Harmony

Saving Harmony

It is March 15, 1920 and the town of Nikolayevsk-on-Amur has been overrun by mad men killing and burning everything in sight. You are the last survivor of the Japanese expeditionary force in Siberia. You must fight to survive and in the end find a way to save Harmony.





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Select a Character:
You can select from three characters from the town of Nikolayevsk-on-Amur where tragedy occurred in March 15, 1920:
Japanese Soldier
Russian Soldier
Japanese School girl
Each character has different items to start the game.

Left click - to move and shoot
Right click - to use item, aim weapon, pick up girl or seal
WASD or mouse to move
Click on character to open inventory
ESC to open inventory
R to reload
NOTE: the character cannot carry meat and wood at the same time

To see the character’s inventory, click on the character and it will pop up.
Move items from your inventory to the character’s hand for use
From the inventory, you can
Click the power button to quit
Equip a gun by moving it to the character’s hand and the number of bullets will be displayed
Click on the crafting/upgrade menu
Move items to recycling to get scrap and lower the weight of the character (the weight will slow the character)
See the wood or meat collected (only one type –meat or wood -can be collected at a time - if you need to get rid of wood or meat, move it to the recycling to drop it on the ground.)
Move wood to pit or chimney to light a fire
Move meat to a pit with a fire and it will cook (meat will not cook in a chimney).  As soon as meat is moved to a fire pit, a drum stick will show up in the inventory. 
The character can select it to eat the meat.  Eating meat will heal the character.
View the compass with green and red arrows. The green arrow points to a green forest spirit (they sell guns and ammo) and the red
arrow points to an enemy camp

The character has total health when all the hearts are red.
The hearts turn purple as the character starts to freeze. (Light a fire to warm up)
When all the hearts turn purple, the character starts to be injured.
The hearts turn white when the character is injured.
When all hearts are white– the character dies.
In addition to the cold, a character can be injured by an enemy or by standing next to glowing radiation (from meteors).
To restore health, eat meat. 
To eat meat, hunt deer or fox and pick it up (walk over it).  Bring the meat to a fire pit with a fire and open the inventory to move the meat to the fire.  Once the meat is being cooked in a pit, it is available to eat from the inventory.

To keep your character warm build a fire in a pit or old chimney
If the character has an axe, then open the inventory and put the axe into the characters hand for use.
If the character does not have an axe, then open the inventory and select the crafting/upgrade button.  From that menu, craft an axe, which takes some resources.
Using the axe, cut down the tree and then cut the tree into kindling with an axe.
Pick up the wood (by walking over it) and the wood will show up in the inventory.  (If there is meat in the inventory, the character cannot pick up wood).
Walk to the pit or chimney and move the wood to the fire from the inventory.
Find an axe in a loot box or craft one using the crafting menu
The more wood, the longer the fire lasts. Stand next to the fire to warm up.
If you pick up a pink seal, they will help keep you warm too.

Weapon Use
To equip a gun, move it from inventory to the hand.
To shoot weapons, right click and hold to see the reticule and left click to shoot
Find weapons and bullets in loot boxes.  Open loot box  by getting close and clicking (some are empty).
Hunting can be done with a bow and arrow.  Use the crafting/upgrade menu to craft a bow and arrows. Hunting with a bow and arrow has the benefit of being quieter and not attracting the attention of enemies.
Arrows can be retrieved and reused (unless they are used against enemies).

Collect scrap from enemy kills, loot boxes, and other places (try the trees).
Make scrap from recycling stuff you don’t need.  Keeping your inventory light lets the character run faster.
Scrap can be used to buy weapons and ammo from the green forest spirits.
Scrap is used to craft axes and bows and arrows
Scrap can also be used to upgrade your character to be faster or warmer for a longer period of time.

The character will be saved by Harmony at the moment of death and whisked to safety with full health.  But the act drains all of Harmony’s health.  Your character needs to save Harmony by warming her up.  Click on Harmony to pick her up and carry her to a fire.
When she recovers, bring her a seal to pet and she will be happy. If the character dies before Harmony recovers, there is perma-death.

Enemy Camps
Enemy camps consist of a tent guarded by enemies.  The tent may contain a radio part which can be collected by running into it.
Beware of the fire enemy which hurls fiery weapons.  If the fire enemy is killed, it drops additional parts needed for the radio.


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