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Project Red Tree Description

All civilization has been destroyed in the wake of an environmental catastrophe. Dangerous creatures that feed on the contamination have inherited the earth. Now the last vestiges of humanity aimlessly wander the land without organization or spoken language. This is the world you have inherited, what will you do?

Project Red Tree features one of the most advanced and cutting edge environmental radiation simulations ever featured in a video game. In order to protect yourself from radiation exposure and weaken the dangerous creatures in the world you must remove radioactive field sources from the environment. Assisting you in this mission are realistic and sci-fi tools from an accurately simulated Geiger counter to a giant combat mech with radiation shielding.

Project Red Tree is a freeform survival game where you create your own motivation and goals. In this harsh world you have to move from place to place to survive which creates endless adventure and peril.

Remnants of ancient technology, left over from the long lost civilization of the world, can be salvaged and remade into powerful tools and weapons. Meet up with NPC survivors roaming the land using Hanakotoba (the language of flowers), the only surviving language to communicate, or go it alone.

Make your own experiences in the world of Project Red Tree and be the survivor you want to be in this endless, perilous world.

Project Red Tree

Project Red Tree Design Philosophy

With Project Red Tree, I wanted to create a single player focused survival game with well fleshed out combat, deep AI driven NPC characters, and emergent game play, wrapped in one of the most complex environmental radiation simulations ever featured in a game. Over the past 4 years I have worked tirelessly to make this a reality.

In making the game I decided to take a very different approach to survival game design. It is my belief that for single player survival games, base building and crafting can often lead to a dead end for game play where the player is left sitting in a house full of everything they need. With this game I have dropped both of those common features in favor of custom mech building and a relationship system for developing NPC communities. This creates a more constantly engaging experience where you are always fighting monsters, meeting new people, or finding something you need.

The combat system is uniquely designed around creatures that survive on radiation sources. Getting close to the radiation source puts the player in danger of radiation exposure. The creatures cannot be permanently killed while a radiation source exists nearby. In order to kill them, the player has to remediate the radiation sources in the area. This creates more dynamic combat and makes NPC allies very important for larger encounters.

The enemy AI has been specially designed to focus on their own separate goals and needs instead of mobbing the player. This creates the feeling during combat that you are fighting with living creatures. The combat has been made to be as flashy and exciting as possible replete with reloading animations and firing positions. Yet the game is played with a mouse only and much of the intricacy of control for similar games has been automated for ease of use and improved responsiveness. This give you room to focus on big picture combat problems and see what your NPC allies are doing.

The game features a full survival system where you must eat, drink and bandage yourself when injured. However unlike many games everything is happening in real time so food will likely be an uncommon problem in normal game play sessions. Water is important after overexertion in combat.

Project Red Tree is aiming to be the quintessential, single player, post apocalyptic, sci-fi survival experience.


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